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Dialogue with Robots aims to bring researchers together to discuss topics around human-AI communcation. This workshop will continue the momentum from two 2019 NSF-funded workshops and a 2020 Dagstuhl Seminar that brought together researchers in speech, natural language processing, robotics, and human-robot interaction to determine the challenges and opportunities of spoken interaction with robots. We have identified the following topics for discussion and action:


  1. Research platforms for robots+spoken dialogue systems

  2. Collection of situated and multimodal corpora

  3. Multimodality: which modalities (beyond vision) are necessary, how to capture and leverage them?

  4. Natural language understanding in co-located, situated, multimodal systems

  5. Natural language generation in co-located, situated, multimodal systems

  6. Representation of the state of the world, robot, and human interlocutor, and building of common ground

  7. Dialogue with robots: clarification, turn-taking, handling ambiguity

  8. Identifying ethical issues surrounding human-robot dialogue

  9. What should a robotics researcher know when they want to add the ability to talk to their robots, and visa-versa?

  10. Identify and plan tasks and benchmarks

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Dialogue with Robots  

April 7 & 8 @University of Pittsburgh



Casey Kennington 

Boise State University 

Malihe Alikhani

University of Pittsburgh



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