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PittInclusion is a paid undergraduate research program in collaboration with the Google Explore-CSR program that aims to foster a supportive, encouraging learning environment for historically underrepresented minority students in computer science. The program provides students with hands-on experience in computing research as well as professional development opportunities with the purpose of inspiring students to explore the possibility of pursuing graduate studies and research careers. PittInclusion aims to help guide students on how to navigate the field of computing as a minority while increasing their confidence with their technical skills. This year, we have 8 students conducting research with professors in the computer science department. The projects include work with teachable robots using natural language processing, detecting bias in academia by analyzing textbooks, and using machine learning to interpret ecological diagrams.


Students will be paired with faculty mentors and have the opportunity to work on computer science research projects in their areas of interest. The program will begin on March 14, 2022, with an introductory workshop and end on May 16, 2022, with final presentations given by students to demonstrate what they have worked on throughout the program. Faculty mentors will meet with students weekly to discuss their projects. Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to grow their practical skills by attending seminars given by successful researchers and industry professionals. 

Important dates

  • March 14: First workshop: Introduction

  • Half semester-long weekly workshops (weekly meetings with faculty until May 16)

  • May 16: Final workshop and presentation

  • April 22: Final Presentations


Faculty mentors:


Summer Workshops for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Highschool Students
The Hillman Academy is an immersive mentored research program for a diverse group of high school students

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hillman Cancer Center Academy (Hillman Academy) has the primary goal of reaching high school students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds and guiding them through cutting-edge research and professional development experience that positions them for success in STEM. With this focus, the Hillman Academy has provided nearly 300 authentic mentored research internship opportunities to 239 students from diverse backgrounds over the past 13 years, most of whom matriculated into STEM majors in higher education. These efforts have helped shape a more diverse generation of future scientists and clinicians who will enrich these fields with their unique perspectives and lived experiences. In collaboration with Gallaudet Univerity, Hilman Academy hosts summer workshops for deaf and HoH high school students in the US as part of this program. 


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