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Kate Atwell, PhD Student

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Mert Inan, PhD Student


Sabit Hassan, PhD Student


Anthony Sicilia, PhD Student  

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Dorsa Zeinali, PhD Student


Past students and visitors

MS Students

  • Sanchayan Sarkar, MS project: Multimodal Turn-Taking in Human-Machine Dialogue, 2021.

  • Christian Pensabene, MS project: The Representation and Processing of Singed Coreference in Discourse

  • Kevin Hostler, MS Project: Discourse Coherence and Misinformation: A Multimodal Case Study

Undergraduate Students

  • Joffin Manjaly, Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech, Project Title: Political Ideology and Polarization of Policy Positions, 2022.

  • Sadhana Sridhar, Graduate student of neuroscience at UCSF, Project Title: Dynamic evaluation of trust in NLP systems 2022..

  • Urjeet Deshmukh, Amazon Alexa, Project Title: Lexical innovation in visual dialogue games, 2022.

  • Katelyn Morrison, Ph.D. student at CMU, Project Title: Spatially Sensitive Learning Algorithm to Mitigate Discrimination in Resource Allocation, 2021.

  • Nur Iren, Google, Project Title: Examining Covert Gender Bias in Machine Translation, 2021.

  • Chloe Ciora, Google, Project Title: Examining Covert Gender Bias in Machine Translation, 2021.

  • Daya Sharon, IBM, Project Title: Pronominal Reference Type Identification and Event Anaphora Resolution in American Sign Language, 2021.

  • Christian Pensabene, MS student at Pitt, SCITalk: A Data2Text Converstinal System for Communicating about COVID Data, 2021.

  • Michael Voit, Project Title: Multimodal Clarification Strategies in Conversational AI Systems, 2021.

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